How To Be Fluent In Spanish

Are you frustrated by a lack of progress in your Spanish language proficiency?

Are traditional online classes or learning apps just not working for you?

Edvanna is a new immersive approach to online Spanish-as-a-second-language classes that will boost your confidence, increase your language skills, and develop your fluency.

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The Spanish Language Program That Works

Say goodbye to traditional learning-by-rote and hello to an online Spanish language program that swaps vocabulary lists and translation exercises for real-time conversations.

With EdVanna you will:

Power of Community

Join a supportive community of fellow Spanish speakers dedicated to improving their fluency, confidence, and proficiency in Spanish.

Process of Immersion

Become immersed in natively-spoken Spanish, with real-time conversation classes and online resources led by native speakers.

Quantified Results

Be part of a program that aims to teach you how to be fluent in Spanish, not just how to pass a language proficiency test.

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Interaction With Native Speakers

It’s no secret that the best way to learn a language is to be fully immersed in it. So at EdVanna, we connect you with native Spanish speakers who are ready and willing to have real-time conversations with you. You’ll hone your language skills in a fast-paced, yet comfortable and supportive environment.

We focus on:

  • English-Spanish language exchange
  • Real-time conversations with native Spanish speakers
  • Forging genuine bonds between students and native speakers

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Develop supportive online relationships with native Spanish speakers

Access audio lessons and other learning materials and enjoy real-time conversations.


Build confidence and progress your language skills


Become a capable, fluent, Spanish speaker

Boost Your Confidence

An Spanish conversation class with EdVanna is all about mutual support. You will join a caring community that prioritizes regular language practice in an open, encouraging environment.No negative criticism, no judgment on pronunciation or accent. Just progress.

Open The Door To Opportunity

Discover what the Spanish-speaking world in the United States holds for you. You might be seeking long-term employment, wanting to further an existing career, or looking to foster deeper personal relationships with English-speaking family and friends. Whatever your goal, EdVanna can help you get there.

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